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5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Jump Starter Air Compressor Work Light 12-Volt/USB Power 12 Ah

5 in 1 Portable Power Pack Jump Starter Air Compressor Work Light 12-Volt/USB Power 12 Ah

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For years Bridgeland's automotive tools have landed in the winner's circle with their proven quality and durability. Bridgeland gives you access to all the premium tools you need for your home or auto repair shop at the lowest prices in the nation. This 5-in-1 Car Jumpstarter compressor is great for Jump-starting cars, vans, light trucks, RV's, boats and snowmobiles miles away from power supplies. Simply use the AC or DC charger to charge or recharge the unit, place it in the back of the truck or trunk, and when you unsuspectingly come upon your own dead battery or a friend's, you can now quickly access your battery pack and save the day. No more tangled up jumper cables, no moving cars around to make traditional cables reach, no being stranded waiting for someone else to show up. It also comes with a built-in compressor so you'll never be stuck with a low tire again. The air hose hides neatly on 1 side of the unit and the jumper cables on the other. With its integrated built-in flashlight, you won't have to struggle to hold your cell phone in 1 hand and connect the cables with the other either. Buy this today for yourself, or any other loved ones on the road.

Battery type: lead-acid
Battery capacity: 12 Ah
Peak current: 950 Amp
LED flashlight: 2.5-Watt
USB output: 4 5-Volt/2.4 Amp
12-Volt output: 2 port, 10 Amp
Air compressor: 150 psi maximum
Operating temperature: 5¡ã - 122¡ã (minus 15¡ã - 50¡ã)
Charging temperature: 32¡ã to 104¡ã (0¡ã to 40¡ã)
Storage temperature: 5¡ã to 104¡ã (minus 15¡ã to 40¡ã)

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