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Shark Escape Climber

Shark Escape Climber

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Jaw ready for this. Brave the ferocious shark to discover undersea adventures like no other. Open-mouthed Shark Escape Climber from KidKraft invites you to explore and exercise, all in the comfort of your backyard. Dive into the blue translucent in. water in. among the fishes to the bottom of the ocean. Inside you can pretend you're digging for treasure or seashells (just fill the box with sand for added realism). Or, climb on top of the shark to tame the beast and ride the waves. Shiploads of seafaring stories await in the innovative KidKraft Shark Escape Climber.

Develop gross motor skills by navigating the rungs
Build muscle strength by climbing bars
Promote self confidence with the ascent to the top
Embrace imagination, sea theme invokes gallons of stories
Bottom can be filled with balls or sand for beach-worthy digging (balls and sand not included)
Bars can be climbed on above or beneath
Enter and exit shark mouth through screens printed with fish and bubbles
Plastic shark base; metal rungs; wood frame inside

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