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Mixed Set of 13 Ceramic Fire Balls in Midnight Black

Mixed Set of 13 Ceramic Fire Balls in Midnight Black

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Transform your fire pit or fireplace with our ceramic fire balls. Fire balls can be used indoors or outdoors and provide a modern flare while also being eco-friendly and fire-safe. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, fire pit balls are the ideal addition to any fire pit size or shape. Enhance the look of your fire balls by adding lava rock and fire glass underneath, creating a unique ambience that you and your guests are sure to love. Don't have a fire pit? No problem! With a brushed concrete look, fire balls are extremely popular as modern outdoor accessories. Use them as the centerpiece for your patio table, in decorative pots and bowls, or even as focal points in your garden design.

13 PIECE MIXED SET INCLUDES: (2) 6-inch, (2) 5-inch, (2) 4-inch, (3) 3-inch, and (4) 2-inch modern, stylish ceramic balls for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. Fire pit stone balls are ultra-contemporary for a luxurious and dramatic statement.
ECO-FRIENDLY AND FIREPROOF, ceramic fireballs are safe for your home or business, in indoor or outdoor gas fire pits. Fire balls are made of refractory material, rated to withstand scorching temperatures.
SHOW OFF YOUR CREATIVITY by mixing different sizes and colors together. Great alone or combined with other decorative fire pit materials like lava rock and fire glass.
SET IT AND FORGET IT: Ceramic fire pit balls are durable, low-maintenance and won't fade; aging gracefully over time. Use fire balls in your outdoor fire pit and enjoy the look of modern accents without the strain on your wallet!
MESMERIZE YOUR GUESTS as the flames dance among the rounded contours of your new fireplace balls. Besides, did anyone even notice you used to have fake logs?!

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