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Lake Front Gold Decorative Wall Clock for Living Room

Lake Front Gold Decorative Wall Clock for Living Room

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We aims to improve the taste and the quality of life; by researching high-quality and uniquely designed products, we offer customers an excellent product. The wall clock combines walnut dial and durable metal frame, the collision of natural elements and contemporary industry, give you a different visual experience. Lightweight design for easy installation.

Using high-quality and silent movement, no click sound, provide you with a quiet environment and accurate time, the giant wall clock easy to install, special back slot design, just a few steps can easily hang on the wall
24.4 in. x 17.7 in. (please check the size before purchasing, the larger your wall is, the clocks may look smaller) big wall clock, decorations for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, coffee shop, study, etc. 1 AA carbon battery required (not included)
We have an extra set of hands as spare parts, and attached with the wall clock manual, our wall clock is very easy to install, you only need to spend a few minutes to let it show its charm on the wall of the living room
You find that the wall clock does not work after the battery is installed, please confirm whether the battery is installed correctly, or contact us directly, and we will answer how to fix it for you

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