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6 in. Utility Knife

6 in. Utility Knife

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6 in. Utility Knife. Hayabusa Cutlery is made in Tsubame City, Japan exclusively for Ginkgo Int'l Ltd in the Kataoka kitchen knife factory. The area's manufacturing history dates back some 400 years to the Edo Period starting with metal nails, venturing into samurai sword production, and now to some of the most sought after metal and kitchenware products in the country and around the world. The Hayabusa Cutlery line is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Blades are finished with a hammered surface, and bead blast to accentuate the diffference between the hard and soft layers.

Multi-layer japanese steel blades extra hard vg-5 stainless core with tough, flexible outer layers of sus410 steel hard inner cores stays sharp, and out layers protect inner core
3-layers are heated and compressed over and over resulting in a rockwell hardness of over 61 degrees, and a core thickness of just 65mm
Outer sus410 steel layers remain softer and more flexible to provide protection against damage and corrosion
Multi-layer knife blades are welded to heavy stainless steel bolsters a full tang runs length of handle to support linen micarta scales
Solid linen micarta handles are made from layers of red and black cotton linen, and resin creating a super durable, ergonomic grip
Blades are ground to 14-15 degrees on each side for easy slicing and chopping
Each knife is hand finished with a stainless end cap, screwed to full tang for perfect balance

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