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32 in. Charcoal Fire Pit with Cover in Antique Finish

32 in. Charcoal Fire Pit with Cover in Antique Finish

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This outdoor fire pit is ideal for cool evenings, providing cozy warmth, lithe light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere. Sturdy design with special pattern ideal for warmth, BBQ and cooling drinks and food in patio/garden/yard. With reinforced fire pit legs (2.4cm/0.94 in. Width/Thickness) & reinforced side striped guardrail (1.5cm/0.59 in. Width/Thickness) made from heavy iron tube instead of very thin iron sheet.

Features with mesh lid to prevent burning embers blowing; poker can be used to stoke fire and remove the mesh
Premium fire pit built in a square shape for stability
32 in. W tabletop around the centerfire area allowing for convenient access to drinks and roasting supplies
Constructed of high-quality iron mesh and frame. Comes with suitable outer cover to keep clean and avoid getting rusty by water or rain when not in use

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