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Garscentria 32 oz. Fogger Kit (Pack Size 2)

Garscentria 32 oz. Fogger Kit (Pack Size 2)

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Garscentria is a unique blend of concentrated liquid garlic and essential oils designed to be sprayed or fogged for the treatment of mosquitoes, ticks and crawling and flying insects and against browsing nuisance animals. All components are EPA FIFRE 25(b) Exempt. This broad spectrum solution can be used anywhere. Safe around pets, no aquatic toxicity, no pyrethroid restrictions. GARFOG-1Q The fogger kit includes a propane fogger (propane tank not included) and a 1 qt. bottle of Garscentria liquid. Mix 10 oz. per gallon for spraying and full strength for fogging.

Includes propane fogger ( no propane included)
Unique blend of concentrated garlic and essential oils
Can be fogged or direct sprayed
Safe around pets, no aquatic toxicity
No pyrethroid restrictions
Broad spectrum solution
Product is applicable for the following pest types: Ticks, Aphids, Beetles, Mosquitos

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